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Nobel Laureate in LiteratureMr. Mo Yan once said: “With Jade Emperor Mountain in the backand Qiantang River at the front, YuhuangShannan (South of the Jade Emperor Mountain) Fund Townboasts the best geomantic omen in Hangzhou.”

The Royal Mint of Southern Song Dynasty used to be located at the southern foot of Jade Emperor Mountain, which at present has already become an urban center. When Zhejiang Province seeks to build a private wealth management hub as part of the national effort to promote financial reform, this place, with its beautiful landscape, abundant private capital,sufficient talent pool and top service writes a new chapter for the journey of Chinese economic transformation and reform driven by the capital market.

In May 2015, Hangzhou Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town was officially inaugurated. Featuring both the beauty of the West Lake and the majesty of the Qiantang River, the town covers an area of 5 square kilometers, offering nearly 700,000 square meters office space for financial institutions. At present, the town has been developed as a provincial pilot site for financial reform, an exemplary place of transformation and upgrading, and a model community for urban renewal projects.

This town aims to become a pearl on the crown of the Qiantang Financial Harbor, and continues the legend of wealth in this ancient capital passed down from Southern Song Dynasty.

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Shangrao City, Zhejiang Province, Baiyun Road 26
Hangzhou Shangcheng District People's Government
Hangzhou Jade Emperor Shannan Fund Town Management Committee


Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Baiyun Shangcheng District Road No. 26
Hangzhou City People's Government
Hangzhou City Jade Shannan town funds management committee