Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town Globalization Specialization Marketed
Globalization Specialization Marketed Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town
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Enterprise subject Specialization
Specialization Enterprise subject
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Market operation Marketed
Marketed Market operation
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Government guidance Internationalization
Internationalization Government guidance
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About Fund town

May 17, 2015, Hangzhou Yuhuang Mountain South Fund town officially unveiled, a similar to the US hedge fund paradise - Greenwich fund town, was born in the country.
2016 Yuhuang Mountain South Fund town adhere to the government guidance, the main business, market-oriented operation, the
establishment of Jade Hill South Construction and Development Corporation, give full play to the market in the allocation of resources in the decisive role to enterprises for investment and construction of the main

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Fun town

Three streets
Four major parks
Five exhibition hall
Seven ruins